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$25,000 accepted in Trade Dollars

We at Genesis Economic Development, a 501c3 Corporation, in 2011 we started a 5 year rehabilitation project on Emma Avenue which is located in Historic Downtown Springdale, Arkansas.

At that time, 80% of the commercial store-fronts sat empty due to a lagging economy: after a bit of work and a few years later, in 2015 Springdale was named as one of the faster growing communities in the USA by several major Media Channels, which led to large corporate investments, as we see today.

Our team, is presently involved with the introduction of new build, permanent, affordable, energy-efficient housing for Arkansas.

Genesis is currently showcasing, our new built homes. The Buyer is responsible for the site slab work.

Packages may include; steel beam construction, rock wool insulation, full-functioning kitchen and bathroom facilities, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, solar-assisted mini split heating and air, solar hot water heaters, and more...

Information on our projects:

Our homes are custom manufactured to the Buyer's specifications to any size; therefore the Buyer must be able to accept that full payment is required at the time the formal order is placed. Financing is available to qualified Clients.

Upon firm order, our design department will provide engineering drawings of the Clients' preferred floor plan and slab prints, for site plan; depending on which options they choose:
1. Build on their own parcel, on their slab, with their construction crew or ours.
2. Purchase turnkey home on Genesis available lots.
3. Available Septic or Sewer lots?
4. A list of options will be made available to the Prospective Clients once they are financially qualified, for time efficiency.
5. In addition, custom homes can be designed and built to Clients floor plans at an additional fee. Delivery to Clients lot within 90 days of approved order.

In addition, we are developing for sale Lots with utilities in the Earl Lakeside Sub-Division in Conway, AR.

If this is of interest to you and your group, please call us to receive additional information.

Sample floor plans are shown:
Priced for 1,507 sq. ft.

Other floor plan shown:
(Two Car Garage Unit) 2,346 sq. ft.

We look forward to receiving your comments.

Thank you and best regards,

Genesis Staff

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