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Complete Music Fountain From China GYP 139
3.0m / 9’ Movable Music Fountain

Architectural Fountains for residences and commercial properties.

Many models are available.

1. General
This is a movable complete music fountain. All equipments are installed in a minimum volume box, for the shortest possible time to assemble fountain on spot.
2. Pool
External pond diameter: 3.0m; Internal pond diameter: 2.4m;
Equipment diameter: 1.9m;
Height of the pool: 610mm;
Depth of the pool: 450mm;
Frame of the pool: Stainless steel; Waterproof of the pool: Liner; Decoration of the pool: Ceramic tiles
3. Equipment list Nozzle
81 pcs 5 pcs 32 pcs 1 pc
Music control system 4. Total power
1.32 KW
Here is a table of 5 water features in the project including water height.
5. Water feature
(1)Ring parabola jets (2)Water bell jets (3)Middle circle jets (4)Inner circle jets (5)Center calyx jet
H0.6m H0.3m H0.7m H1.2m H0.6m
6. Pipe work system
All the pipelines are made of stainless steel.
7. Light

LED lights with color-alteration are used in the system.
8. Cable Waterproof cables.
9. Voltage
Single phase AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz.
10. Control method DMX512 music control.
$42,000 Delivered via Air to your home.
$37,000 Delivered to Los Angeles Harbor, CA
60% Cash via wire transfer to Genesis at the time of order.
40% On Trade Dollars
11. Delivery Schedule:
14 days Via Air, Door to Door.
60 days via ocean freight.

Price quote is for model: GYP 139
Client will need to find local service for installation.

Available in: USA

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