Vintage Bogen Amplifier MODEL MT125B 125-Watt

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MODEL MT125A, 125-Watt
Booster Amplifier, INPUT CONNECTIONS
Keep the input lead away from the output lead and ac power cables. Unless the driving source provides a low-impedance output, keep the input lead under ten feet.
Great addition to any Music Collector &/or any Music Room!
Model CAM, CM, CSM, CSM-E, CTM, CFC, RPK-18, TL600, TLlOK
Description and Inputs, Mixer-Preamplifier, 4 Lo-Z MIC, I AUX., Mixer-Preamplifier, 4 Hi-Z MIC, I AUX.Studio Mixer.
Mixer-Extender, 4 Lo-Z MIC, I AUX.
Mixer-Preamplifier with built-in anti-feedback, 4 Lo/Hi-Z MIC, 2 AUX. 2/3 Octave Equalizer (Available 4/76). Rack Mounting Kit 19" x 7" (mounts 2 units).
line Input Transformer, plug-in, 500/600-ohm impedance. Bridging Input Transformer, plug-in, 10,000-
ohm impedance.

Unknown - working condition, vintage amp.

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