Silver Spring 7' Manual Telescoping Aluminum Wheelchair Loading Ramps

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Portable wheelchair track ramps:
Designed for curbs, steps, and van access. The package includes a pair of wheelchair ramps which telescope in length, allowing the ramps to be customized for different surface heights. Each ramp track is 7-1/2" wide overall and features a durable 6-1/8" wide, non-skid surface for added traction with manual wheelchair wheels. The wheelchair track ramps have a maximum 600 lb. weight capacity, include top and bottom attaching lips, an attached cotter pin roll for stationary drill holes, and an easy to use push-button lock with a plastic cover. Raised side rails help keep wheelchairs on track and centered on the loading ramps. Made with durable, all-aluminum construction. ? Great for curb, step, and van access ? Telescopes from 48-1/8" to 84" long ? 6-1/8" Wide usable non-skid traction surface (7-1/2" overall width) ? Easy to use push-button locks ? Lightweight aluminum construction with a 600 lb capacity

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