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Serving Bentonville and greater Benton County since 1978, Old Town Dry Cleaners provides same-day, professional dry cleaning & laundry services. You will get premium service at very competitive prices. Our emphasis is on excellent customer service and outstanding quality.

Each garment is inspected for spots, missing buttons, broken zippers, and general condition. If a repair is needed, we will call you.

After your garment is cleaned and pressed, we will inspect it a second time and look for spots that may not have been visible prior to cleaning. Garments with spots are taken to a special station for treatment and removal.

Sometimes, we find it necessary to clean a garment a second time after it has been worked on for a stubborn spot. This is done at no extra charge to you.

Occasionally, we may find it necessary to hold your garment for an extra day in order to allow proper treatment of a difficult spot or stain.

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