'Net Profit$ Internet Marketing Course - 10 hour workshop

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Professionally produced by media guru Artie Romero, these ten one-hour video workshops on Internet marketing will teach you the basic reasons why some businesses are more successful than others, with step by step instructions on how to improve your website's effectiveness.

Mr. Romero launched his first website in 1995 and in less than two years, it got more than one billion hits. His company also created over 300 CityStar city directory sites with tens of thousands of business listings, designed and hosted the National Day of Prayer website in 2005.

Sponsored by the Better Business Bureau, this series features prominent Internet entrepreneurs Artie Romero, Kevin Kearns and Rich Carrera explaining how to boost your website’s rankings in major search engines such as Google and Bing, and detail other techniques that can make your business more successful online.

‘Net Profit$

Artie Romero; Kevin Kearns; Rich Carrera

A ten-part video workshop on how to increase profits online.

Cost: $100.00

10 one-hour programs posted privately online:
Lesson 1: Start your Engines
Lesson 2: The Google Paradigm
Lesson 3: Cyber Referrals
Lesson 4: Secrets of Successful REALTORS online
Lesson 5: Spruce up your Site
Lesson 6: How to Choose your Keywords
Lesson 7: E-mail Marketing
Lesson 8: On-line Advertising/Pay per Click
Lesson 9: E-commerce
Lesson 10: Convert Clicks to Sales

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