Werner AC10-20-02 Long Body Aluminum Ladder Jacks for Stages up to 20-Inch Width (Pair)

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The Werner Long Body aluminum ladder jacks for stages up to 20-inch width enable the use of planks or stages between Type 1 or 1A ladders. Put the jacks a foot away from each end of the plank or stage them up to 20 inches wide, then use the clamps to hold the plank or stage together

From the Manufacturer
This is a short body ladder jack. Ladder jacks allow you to run planks or stages between a pair of extension or single ladders. Ladder jacks should be placed one foot from each end of the plank or stage. They should be used on type I or IA ladders. Sort body jacks will support stages up to 14 inches in width, long body up to 20 inches. Werner ladder jacks use a platform clamp system to clamp the plank to the ladder jacks and help tie the entire system together. (priced per pair)

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