MTA 4-Time Double Size Ad

Offered by My Targeted Advertising

$153.00/ea. for with 4-mailer commitment (non-consecutive if desired), Double Size Vertical Ad

Double: 3”5/16 x 5”1/8 … 1988 x 3075 pixels (600ppi preffered)

What is My Targeted Advertising?
To answer your question.. My Targeted Advertising is a professionally designed direct mailer printed on durable card stock featuring multiple local business that is sent via the postal service to specific neighborhoods. Normally an advertising campaign of this nature is an expensive and time-consuming process. Researching the proper neighborhoods, composing a mailer with quality graphics, printing and processing the mailers, arranging the delivery, etc., etc... All these things add up to your time and money not necessarily spent to their fullest potential. However, because our advertisers opt to share in the cost of a mailer, and we do all the “heavy lifting” (including the ad design if you so desire) you can reach your targeted audience for pennies per household. That is your money and, more importantly, time well spent. If this strikes a cord with you, and you would like to know more contact us at any of the email addresses below, or call our google number. We would be delighted to start a conversation about how we can help you reach your future customers. As always, have a great day, God bless, and Enjoy! :)

Fienna Hills = Over 1000 Households*

Village Harbor = Over 1000 Households*

Riley Farm = Over 1000 Households*

Eastgate/Free Ferry Landing = Over 1300 Households*

Coming soon...
Van Buren, Greenwood, and Mena

2016 Release dates
2-5 Fienna Hills
3-4 Village Harbor
3-25 Riley Farm
4-15 Eastgate/Free Ferry Landing
5-6 Fienna Hills
5-27 Village Harbor
6-17 Riley Farm
7-8 Eastgate/Free Ferry Landing
7-29 Mena
8-19 Fienna Hills
9-9 Village Harbor
9-30 Riley Farm
10-21 Eastgate/Free Ferry Landing
11-11 Mena
12-2 Fienna Hills

Contact: 479-310-MYAD

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